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Buy Online Aayra Clothes Collection

Aayra is one of the leading designer brands in Pakistan. They are also fabric producers in Pakistan. They provide the services of weaving, dyeing, printing, hand embroidery on fabrics to many designer brands in Pakistan. Now keeping the class in their mind they are introducing their own women's clothing lines since 2017.
In 2017, they presented their first chiffon collection. Which was a masterpiece in itself. It was so loved by everyone that it gave international recognition to the brand. Many Pakistani’s living abroad choose their clothing due to their festive look.

Aayra Clothes Online

Aayra has an online store where they have their latest chiffon and lawn collection displayed. Although there are not many clothing lines showcased on the website the chiffon collection is fascinating and captures its audience in just one glance. The prices are not as high as the amount of embroidery on the ensembles. On their website, their lawn collection is completely sold out but their collection is available in many online shops that have a contract with the designers. They buy their clothes in advance and then they sell them in their online stores. So you can easily find their outfits online.

Aayra Dresses collection

Aayra has mostly unstitched collections but the outfits they created for their modeling campaigns have an elegance that draws your attention immediately. They also have sarees in their collections. In their chiffon collection, they had a black saree with silver embroidery which was adored by everyone. In their volume 3 they have a sea-green saree with such meticulous thread work, which really makes you spellbound.

Aayra winter collection

For winter Aayra aired their chiffon collection. Volume 3 is displayed on their website. The color combination really shows the distinctive abilities of the designer. The designs are put together in such a way that they show the elegance and stance of the wearer in a graceful manner. The collection has mostly heavy embroidery and is mostly fit for festive and wedding apparel. So if you have a wedding to attend and you don’t want to over-exaggerate the event then Aayra is a great choice, which is evidently not heavy on the pocket.

Aayra summer collection

Aayra launched their first summer collection consisting of 10 stunning designs. They are all sold out at this moment but like their chiffon collection, you can easily find them on online designer
stores. The embroidered lawn shirts paired with chiffon dupattas and plain trousers gave a magnificent outlook to the ensembles.

In the run of being the best in this much competition, as Pakistan is flooded with branded designer clothes, is not very easy. One has to use the unique and original approach to make a place in the market and in people’s eyes. Aayra has a good quality of outfits and very unique designs which have helped them to firm their foot in the ground.

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