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Afrozeh is a Pakistani designer women clothing brand. It is fairly new as compared to the other designer brands but it is not that how much longer you have been in the market. It is how you are planning to stay in the market. When there are this many designers in the market you might want to concentrate on the originality and uniqueness of your products and Afrozeh is doing this assuredly. Which is the main reason that their products got the recognition that it deserved.
Afrozeh Clothes Online
Afrozeh has an online store where they air all their collections. You can also purchase theirclothes from other websites who are selling their clothes online. On their website they haveRiwaj collection which is a Lawn collection. Then pret wear collection which has stitched printedshirts and trendy embroidered bottoms are categorized in a separate section. There is anotherlawn collection named as sienna collection and last but not least Etincelle collection of formals.
Afrozeh Dresses
Afrozeh has ready to wear formals in their Etincelle collection. The dresses are designed forfestive occasions and have heavy embellishments all over the shirts. The fabric mostly used isorganza and chiffon for shirts, paired with raw silk and jamawar trousers. The collection isalmost completely sold out on the website but many other websites might have them in stores.
Afrozeh Pret
Afrozeh pret collection has ready to wear casual printed shirts. The colors and designs arevibrant and happy portraying the young and confident minds of teenagers. The stitched casualshirts are good for university going students and working women. The shirts are spring themedand have flowery prints on them.
Afrozeh Winter Collection
For the winter season Afrozeh riona collection went live. It had fully embellished ready to wearoutfits. Designed specifically for the wedding season in Pakistan. Fabrics used in this collectionwere net, chiffon, organza and raw silk. The dresses had heavy embroidered shirts with zari andthread work on the shirts paired with raw silk embroidered pants and chiffon and net dupattas.The collection is sold out on the website, which obviously states the success of the collectionbut you may find them on some other online stores.
Afrozeh summer collection
Afrozeh summer collection Riwaj, is a combination of different cultures in Pakistan. Some of thesuits have Sindhi and Balochi designs on them that which give them a pleasant and eccentriclook. This collection is live on their website. If you want to style yourself differently this summerpick a dress from their collection. On the whole style of this collection is very appealing andexclusive. Another collection they had was sienna embroidered Lawn collection. The colors anddesigning in this collection are very loud but the embroidery gives a subtle and pleasant look tothe suits.