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Ethnic is a brand of fashion clothing and trendsetting. Ethnic launched by outfitters in 2013 evolved day by day making a place clothing market. In this modern era of technology and science, everyone wants up to dated and trendy outfits for daily wear and party wear. Ethnic collection fulfills this need by providing fusion ensembles available both for a chic appearance and a modern look. By wearing such exquisite dresses highlight your personality.


Stylish Jackets made from leather and denim are perfectly tailored for your daily wear and party wear. The Ethnic Jacket collection is a beautiful combination of the ’80s trends and this modern age look. Solid stuff and fancy buttons with ravishing structures perfect for your winter wear and comfortable for bike riders. These Jackets are also available for kids.

Shirts and Tops

Enticing Shirts, over shirts and Tops in western-style adorned with soulful prints and plain designs perfectly stitched. Tie and Dye Tops with slits at sleeves and light embroidered front, multi-style neckline gives you a trendy appearance.

Summer Collection Sale

Soft shades with intricate embroidery suitable for both women and girls are the specification of the Summer collection sale of Ethnic brand. Lawn shirts and 2 pieces adorned with stylish patterns and a girlish look. Tie and Dye distinguished shirts for college girls making them a simple but iconic glance.


Western-style trousers with lace at the cuff and needlework at the front are best to wear with Tops as well as shirts. Trousers are available in sizes like extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Raw silk and cambric synthetic fabrics embroidered from the bottom or ornamented with laces on Net are best for your special occasions. Tights are also available in black and white hues.

Kids Fusion Winter Collection

Elegantly structured dresses for Kids with bursting shades are available. Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Tights, Tops, and Bottoms with cute colors for adorable girls providing them warmth in this chilling Winters.

 Capsule Winter Collection

Ethnic Winter collection showcases beautiful hues and resplendent floral motifs on the Cotton Linen and Jacquard yarn. It portrays a majestic and standard cast of clothes on the canvas. Get ready for such a marvelous collection available at MRJ Collection. Every step we take is just for your ease and convenience.