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Iznik Online Clothes, Winter, Summer and Lawn Suits stitched & Unstitched

Iznik is a South Asian brand with a lot of history. The founders were also milled owners, so you can imagine that quality has always been classy, which is one of the main reasons for their success. Iznik's collection is one of the most unique you will see with regards to cross stitching and embroidery designs. You can get stitched and un-stitched clothing from Iznik. They understand the modern woman and design their clothes to give off a classy, elegant, and yet trendy look. If you go through their designs, you will notice that they use a unique palette of colors and beautiful embroidery to match.

Iznik Winter collection

Iznik winter designs are a beautiful mix of color and very unique embroidery. The most commonly used winter materials are velvet and modified cotton. You can be sure of one thing while buying from Iznik, that there is no one else who makes embroidery as they do if you are looking for something with more luxury then you can also opt for chiffon dresses made from pure silk.

Iznik summer collection

Beat the heat this summer with the Iznik summer collection. You can choose from lightweight cotton, beautifully crafted chiffon suits, and from lightweight lawn suit options. Iznik's summer collection is best described as beautiful and practical. Practical in the sense that the materials are breathable, you will not feel stuffed or overheated in their dresses. Iznik has used its digital printing and embroidery technology to its advantage. They have designs ranging from Turkish, Moroccan, and floral patterns. Each design is unique and different from other brands.

Iznik pret collection

Iznik is one of South Asia’s most popular brands, and they have recently added a wedding collection that contains 3 piece stitched and unstitched suits. You will find kurtas that have embroidery back and front, which is done very tastefully.

Moreover, you can also buy clothing for casual wear and daily use. You can wear these 2 pieces and 3 pieces dress to office and universities or wear them at home.
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You can get stitched or unstitched Iznik suits from the Mrjcollection website with free delivery. Our turnover time is 4-7 business days. However, we try to provide our customers with delivery as fast as possible. For further inquiries, visit us or contact us at +1 909-952-4578.

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