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Khas Clothes Online

Khas is one of the leading women clothing brand in Pakistan. It started with the vision of Sadaqat Group, more than 50 years ago. Sadaqat group was the importers of foreign clothing back in the day. They stood their ground all these years to provide the best quality clothing to Pakistani people. In order to achieve that goal they opened a subsidiary and named it Khas. With Khas they brought the quality and comfort of imported clothing in Pakistani made clothing so people can enjoy the higher standards of fabric without the taxes.

Started out with the vision of bringing the best quality in clothing Khas has also introduced its footwear and bags collection.

They also have a wide range of house décor items. Bedsheets, quilt covers, bath sets, towels, beddings and much more in these categories. They also deal in designer furniture and home décor.

Khas collection

Khas has an extensive chain of stores throughout the country you can visit their stores or you can visit their online store to check the range of their collections. Frist, they have women clothing, which is again subdivided into many categories. Stitched and unstitched summer and winter clothes. Their exclusive embroidered lawn collection is extraordinary and very affordable. Then they have men’s collection. You can find stitched and unstitched salwar kameez for men there.

Recently they have introduced their bag and shoe designs. One of the highlights of Khas is the collection of household items. Designer bed sheets and quilts keeping the interest of adults and kids, designer bath sets, towels, furniture, kitchen items and much more. You can purchase all these things at one stop.

Khas clothes

Khas is also admired by the celebrities of Pakistan for their clothing lines. They love to wear their clothes and praise them for the quality and styling of the clothes. If you go through their women clothing range you can clearly see the diversity of designs. Designs are elusive and you can see some vibrant colours dancing through and that frankly is the beauty of this brand. You can find something for everyone. In men clothing, you can find stitched and unstitched salwar kameez stitched kurtas and waistcoats. The colours like women clothing have a good variety to choose from.

Khas summer collection

In 2020 Khas launched their chic collection volume 3. The designs, colours and embroidery are at the top of the game in this collection. In their summer collection, there are stitched shirts as well. The shirts are traditional and designed as light wear for hot summer days. In 2019 they introduced their cambric collection for summer. For this collection, the colours are vibrant and bring out the fun personality of the wearer. Their spring collection has amazing bright coloured 3 piece suits vibrating with the tone of the season.

Khas winter collection

In winter fall 2019 Khas unveiled their collection. It is an amazing embroidered collection paired with chiffon dupattas and shawls. Like summer they also have a good selection of winter Kurtis for casual wear. Stoles are also part of their winter collection.

Khas pret Collection

Khas has a comprehensive range of pret. First, they have ready to wear casual shirts for summer and winter season. Then there is luxury pret collection, which has some remarkable velvet embroidered shirts and printed silk shirts are incredible too. If you are looking for stitched 3 piece Lawn suits Khas has great styled outfits for your summer and they are very affordable too.

Khas truly has outdone themselves in providing the best to their customers. If you want to wear class and elegance which falls into the budget as well Khas is a great choice.

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