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Qalamkar deals in beautiful traditional Pakistani clothing and designs, and you can get both stitched and unstitched clothing from this brand. However, the brand only deals with women's clothing. This, in fact, makes the brand even better. Qalamkar focuses on women’s fashion only, and it is their passion to do so as well. This is what makes the brand stand out. Qalamkar is owned by al Noor fabric, which is known to provide high-quality materials. So the reputation is and has always been good because people know that Al Noor fabrics do not compromise on quality.
Qalamkar's online presence is ever-increasing thanks to its modern and traditional mix of designs. This brand truly stands out because of its bold approach and the readiness to take risks, even in an unstable market. Many articles from the Qalamkar lawn 2022 collection have already been sold out.

You can get Qalamkar clothing from the Mrjcollection website at a discounted rate. But hurry up before stock runs out. We have Qalamkar spring collection, Qalamkar winter collection, and Qalamkar stitch summer collection, all available on a single page.

So what makes Qalamkar so popular in USA and across the world?

The brand is a creative mix of traditional and modern designs. They have carefully used classic designs to match modern needs, and that creates something absolutely beautiful. Each year they gather the very best models in the industry to do justice to their elegant designs. You can find a wide variety of designs and options to choose from. The brand also has a strong and vibrant image. Hence it is sold off quickly.

What makes the mix of traditional and modern design so popular?

The fact remains that elegance was something that was given the highest priority in past time designs, but those designs were bland. Modern designs are more eye-catching, but these designs can lack the maturity for formal wear. So a mix of traditional and modern gives us the best of both worlds. Hence you can understand why this mix has so many fans.

The latest collection is available at MRJ Collection

The store is exclusive to certain areas in USA. However, you can find their complete collection here at MRJ Collection, which is actually better, because in an online store you don’t have to get into any hassles and you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, MRJ Collection offers fast home delivery and discounted prices.