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Xenia Online Clothing Collection

Xenia is ready to wear (RTW) formal women's clothing brand. They go by the name of “Xenia Formals”. Starting out in 2018, they offered densely embroidered ready-to-wear ensembles at very reasonable prices. Their motto is to provide the best quality fabrics and embroidery to their customers. They pride themselves on providing in-house distinctively designed outfits for everyone. The outfits are mostly for the festive season as described in their name Xenia Formals.

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Xenia Clothes Online

The trend of opening an online store and not having a brick-and-wall shop is really something. Many new designer brands are adopting this technique and no doubt it is a good one too. They open an online store and sell their clothes on a web store and once they find a foothold in the market, they open their physical store. So we have established the ground that having an online presence is much more necessary than a physical store.

Xenia is also following this technique. They have an online store that provides all the information about their collections. They also offer international shipping for their clients. Although if you want to find their clothes, many shops that deal in designer clothing brands have their formals in shops and in their online stores.

Xenia Dresses

Xenia has an élite range of formals at very reasonable prices. They have dresses to fit your festive needs. Whatever the event may be Xenia dresses can help you find the best option. Engagements, parties, festivals, wedding events can provide you with a great dress for every event. They are ready to wear so you don’t have to go through the hell of describing your tailor what you want. They do provide stitching facilities to their customers as well.

Xenia Pret Collection

Xenia is an RTW brand so obviously they have all pret collection but in 2021 their first unstitched collection “Janaan” went live on their website. All the other collections are RTW pret outfits. Their most recent pret collection is the Eid festive collection. This collection has fully embroidered gowns, frocks, open shirts, and double shirts paired with trendy pants and embroidered dupattas.

Xenia Winter Collection

Xenia winter collection is a selection of embroidered velvet and chiffon outfits named “Opulence”. The designs and styling of this collection are very trendy and fashionable. The intricate thread and tile work on the velvet shirts is seamless and gives out a majestic look to
the wearer. Another winter collection they have is the “Viola” collection. In this collection, the fabric used is pure chiffon, crinkle chiffon, and raw silk. This collection is amazing for your low-profile parties and events.

Xenia Summer Collection

This summer Xenia launched their unstitched collection Janaan. These are 8 utterly gorgeous, fully embellished designs. The dupattas have embroidered borders and it is being admired all over the world. As they are formals so the fabric is crinkle chiffon with comprehensive embroidery. The styling is the mixture of old and new traditional outfits apt for women from all walks of life. Their collections are available in many online stores nationally and internationally.