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Online Zaibunnisa Clothing - Summer & Winter Collection

Zaibunnisa is one of the emerging women and kids clothing brands. The brand’s ideology is modernized and they have infused traditional and cultural prints with western styling of pret shirts. The colors they use are lively and stylization is bold. This notion is very acceptable to modern women. Modern women are not who just-style themselves in fancy clothes and sit at home. She is someone who works wearing the most stylized traditional clothes. So the comfort level of the outfit does matter and Zaibunnisa's clothing line takes these points into full consideration.

Zaibunnisa Online

Zaibunnisa has an outlet located only in Karachi so most of their clothes are sold online through their online store. They have many collections on their web store. Mostly they have stitched and unstitched women's clothes. In their kid's section, they have beautiful kids’ frocks. They are also offering international shipping and they have segregated the countries according to the shipping prices. As the demand for their tops increased many boutiques overseas purchase their collections and sold them in their stores also on their online stores. You can easily find all their collections online.

Zaibunnisa Collection

Zaibunnisa launched their ready-to-wear, unstitched, and kids collection in 2022. They have a lawn, cotton, premium, western, and embroidered collection in their ready-to-wear category. They have a very pleasant and lively unstitched collection. If you like flowery prints they have great spring vibes in their prints. They keep offering amazing discounts on their websites.

Zaibunnisa Summer Collection

Summer in Pakistan is considered the longest and hardest season but this also creates an opportunity for everyone whose businesses depend on it. Summer clothing in Pakistan is a fashion statement. The clothing brands introduce many collections in this season. There are usually more than two collections or volumes of printed, embroidered, stitched, and unstitched outfits launched this season by every brand. Zaibunnisa also launches their summer unstitched collection every year but their emphasis is more on their ready-to-wear pret collection which no doubt is great, it defines the playfulness of the youth. They also have a very trendy collection of pants. You can choose and match it with your favorite ready-to-wear shirt.

Zaibunnisa Winter Collection

As compared to summer winter is much shorter and not so harsh. People usually wear shawls and sweaters. The brands, however, are aware of it. They do launch their collections. Zaibunnisa also launches their winter collection of pret ready-to-wear shirts. They are lightly embroidered shirts with a winter material fabric. Shirt styles are much diversified in terms of eastern and western cultures.

Zaibunnisa is rather new but they have built their credibility in a very short time because of their innovative fusion of traditional prints with western styling. Their western-styled shirts are also admired by the teenagers in Pakistan. So if you want to portray your confidence in your clothing Zaibunnisa is a perfect choice.

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