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Neck Scarves for women

Scarves are an important piece of clothing for women. Women scarves come in different shapes and size the materials depend on the season. Summer scarves are lightweight and have cooling light colours. Whereas, winter scarves are of made of woollen materials mostly darker colors but white and skin colour tops all. In Pakistan, more women started wearing scarfs recently as now more girls are attending universities and more women are working they are preferring scarves as they are easy to handle while studying and working as compared to dupattas. Due to heavy demand scarves are sold everywhere.

Women Scarves / Women Scarf is Gaining Popularity

Many brands have started out their scarves collection and women are just loving them. They pair them with the pret shirts and like to wear them with jeans and tops. It gives them a gorgeous modernized look. Scarves come in rectangular and square shape. They have been a part of Pakistani culture for a long time now. In the old days, they were mostly monochromatic but now they come with prints and embroidery. The stonework on scarves set a trend a few years back and it still arouses in the fashion world.

Most used fabric in scarves is cotton net and organza. Organza embroidered scarves are sold the most they give a fashionable yet elegant look to the wearer which is the main reason that middle-aged women prefer the most.

Winter scarves

Winter scarves are usually shorter and mostly are wrapped around the neck. They are perfect when you are wearing a jacket or coats. Winter scarves are used by both men and women. Winter scarves usually come in monochromatic and dichromatic shades. Women winter scarves come in many gorgeous designs and embroidery. Handmade scarves a trend for a long time. Pakistan has the best knitted and crochet scarf tradition.

Neck Scarf

Neck scarves are specifically a winter clothing item to keep your neck warm for winter days. These were used in more cold places. They have been launched in Pakistan in recent years and women just love them. They usually are sewn in a loop and wraps around your neck like a loop. Many brands have launched their winter neck scarves collection and they got a great response. These scarves are worn with jeans and trousers and give such a stylish look with leather jackets.

Women Scarves Sale

As women scarves are getting popularity so many brands offer seasonal and occasional sales on women scarves. Scarves are not usually expensive. They are affordable and practical. MRJ Collection also offers seasonal and occasional sales on scarves for their clients. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality clothing at the best prices.

Scarves for Women

Women embroidered scarves are the best gift for every woman. Girls mostly like upbeat and trendy scarves with colourful prints and middle-aged women like embroidered scarves. You can pair them with jeans and there are numerous option to match them with 2 piece suits.