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Buy Tulip Shalwars Online, Trousers

In addition to not requiring much ironing, tulip shalwars are loose fitting and women prefer wearing them without pre-starch washing. They are very comfortable and durable.

It was fashionable to wear straight-leg pants in eastern wear, but now women prefer to alternate between pants and tulip shalwars instead. The two-piece or three-piece shalwar kameez is no longer in style. Kurtis, shirts, and dresses available at branded retailers in Pakistan are on the desire list of Pakistani women. Tulip shalwars have become a staple for every wardrobe because they're easy to match with any outfit.

An elegant modern interpretation of the classic Patiyala shalwar, the Tulip shalwar is a chic staple of every wardrobe. The Patiyala shalwar is a garment of Pakhtun culture from the North-West of Pakistan. Young girls embraced it as a fashion trend.

The Tulip shalwar has a wide circumference and pleated layers around the waistband, similar to the Patiyala. The Tulip shalwar is characterized by its voluminous pleats that elegantly drape around each leg.

Types of Tulip Shalwar

As a combination of the sarong wrap and the patiyala shalwar, the Tulip shalwar is a skinny version of the commonly worn shalwar. Shalwars that are wide in the thigh but skinny in the ankle produce a sleek look. There is a single mid pleat that runs through each leg giving it structure and shape. Beaded and lace embellishments can further enhance the appearance of these ethnic pants. It is the Pakistani woman's desire to constantly change the wardrobe that causes her to change her fashion style continuously.