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Ladies Winter Clothes Collection – Designer Women winter suit collection online

Lately, Pakistani fashion has been the talk of the town. Social gatherings, entertainment industry, Social media platforms, and wedding ceremonies all are just giving a shout out to the fashion industry and rightfully so. The Pakistani fashion industry, at this moment, is sending a positive message to the world through Pakistani Designer Clothes and we can’t be anything but supportive about this notion.

Over the past two decades, Pakistani Designer clothing is paving its path by itself, whether it’s the clothing brands making fashion accessible to everyone or the designers making Pakistani heritage known to the world. Somehow everything has settled with the mindset of Pakistanis and it is straightening up a promising path for Pakistani fashion industry across the world.

Currently, the Pakistani fashion industry seems like a marathon and designers seem to be a part of a race. They have to introduce new clothing and distinctive clothing lines to be in the spotlight or at least stay in the industry. Fashion gets old in a day or two and then you are only left with a choice to set up a new clothing line.

With this development, every brand launches its new collection every two months. Summer is the longest get 3 or 4 collections every year. Summer collection vol. 1, vol. 2, mid-summer collection, chikankari collection, eid collections (twice a year), and for winter, winter collection, fall-winter collection, winter festive collection and many more. You have to stay at the top of everything and anticipate what will be the reaction of people to your new collection.

Women Winter Collection

Winter doesn’t stay much longer in Pakistan but still it bags up many winter clothing collections. Winter in Pakistan comes with festivals and wedding season. So keeping winter collection with, khadar, karandi and linen aside more prominent is chiffon and organza collections, with sumptuous heavy/light embroidery.

The festive collection is most of the time the most awaited collection every year, stitched and unstitched festive collection hit the market with a bang. Although they stay up whole year-round because we love weddings but October till February it’s just one wedding after another.

Ladies Winter Collection

The ladies winter collection is full of surprises and fun in Pakistan. Most famous fabrics used for women winter collection are;

Cotton Winter Collection

Cotton is used both in summer and winter season. For winter collection it is preferably bit denser than summer cotton. Mostly women love it in light colours, white being the most loved colour, with chickankari is a fashion statement that doesn’t get old.

Khadar Clothes Collection

Khadar suits and pret shirts are the basic winter stuff in Pakistani designer clothing. Printed khadar, embroidered daman and necklines khadar shirts stitched and stitched 2 and 3 piece suits are aired by all brands in winter.

Georgette suits Collection

Georgette is denser than chiffon but with a silky and stretchy texture. Most brands use it in western-style clothing and pret collections.

Velvet Clothes Collection

Velvet has been a part of Pakistani fashion as long as I can remember. They are an integral part of women clothing and if not entire velvet suits, velvet embroidered shirts are paired with jeans or cotton trousers. As of last winter, velvet shawls were the top trending item.

Linen clothes

Linen is another winter clothing fabric. Linen suits are mostly aired in the beginning of winter season. Generally called as a fall-winter collection or pre-winter collection. It’s not much buff and hardly worn in December and January.

Silk suits

Silk is not as much of a winterish fabric and mostly not many brands get excited for it but in the last couple of years many low key brands put up printed silk and many people enjoy wearing those clothes.

Chiffon suits Collection

Chiffon is a particular festive fabric. Used in almost all of the festive collections with heavy and light embroidery of every kind. Stonework, Sitara work, pearl work, Swarovski crystal work, thread embroidery, tilla and zari embroidery are all done on this fabric and the grace is just outstanding.

Organza Clothes Collection

Organza has become popular in summer and winter collections, organza dupattas are used in both seasons and they add up as great sleeves and daman patches for festive clothes.

Ladies Stitched Winter Collection

Mostly ladies stitched winter collection has cotton, khadar, chiffon and organza outfits. As pret collections are gaining more popularity all over the world. Ladies stitched winter collections are introduced by every brand. They are mostly embroidered and stylized keeping the mindset of a western audience as well i.e. they are mostly pret shirts.

Many Designers introduce their festive stitched formals, luxury formals and bridal outfits in the winter season. They are made and customized on order and many ramp shows are conducted in winter and spring season in Pakistan.

Ladies Stitched Winter Suits

Apart from pret shirts many Pakistanis living abroad and in Pakistan too prefer stitched collection. One its hassle-free and two ladies stitched winter suits give a much formal look to the wearer.

Women Unstitched Winter Collection

Women unstitched winter collection has been around forever and still they get more attention by buyers. From December till February the winter is at its peak in Pakistan and styles are embroidery is covered up with jackets, coats, sweater and shawls. So women go for simple khadar and cotton unstitched suits.

Many designer brands launch designer embroidered shawls and shrugs to keep up the trending.

Women’s winter Clothing

Women are most target audience when we talk about Pakistani Designer clothing. The markets are filled with a variety of outfits that top each other in every way. Women designer clothing sold ratio is much higher than men’s (Men are catching up too) and fashion shows and advertisement spent per year is more than $500 billion per year and revenue generated was more than $664,474 million in 2020. Quiet a clear picture, isn’t it?

Women Winter Clothing Online

With online shopping gaining haste, women’s clothing online has attained even more popularity. Every brand in Pakistan has an online store whether or not they have a physical shop. The women winter collection is aired online on many web stores and social media platforms and brands keep promoting their collections through commercial and social media ads and occasional and seasonal sales.